Puts up a fight so to make you alright!

Our company’s purpose

Our company’s purpose is to distribute and sell microbots to hospitals around the world. These microbots, called Cyte Savers, will fight viruses by attacking unhealthy cells that have been taken over by that virus, without harming the healthy cells in the same area. Our mission with our company is to give back to third world countries, we do this by donating a product of ours for every product we sell.


  • 1st Place BEST Website 2018, 2019
  • 2nd Place Most Robust Robot 2018






We may not have many awards, but that won’t discourage us from making the best virus-fighting robot you could ever imagine! 

Our Team

Every one of these members of our team has worked hard to give you the best robot to help in the healing process from viruses, and they will continue to work just as hard, maybe even harder, in the years to come.


  • Ethan Snodgrass – Engineering
  • Ian Craig – Programming
  • Sidnee Bell – Marketing
  • Zamari Ross – Exhibit
  • Ian Craig – Website


  • Ethan Achacoso – Engineering
  • Rohan Kharel – Marketing
  • Maya Kharel – Exhibit

Our Product

Look at ’em go!

This little thing, called a CyteSaber, is in tiptop condition to fight the invaded cells in your body. It uses enhanced technology with powerful sensors to tell which cells are safe, and which cells aren’t. It then fights the cells that have been infected with the virus. The earlier you use this bot, the faster it will get done, hence less cells would be infected. Granted, a CyteSaver will be able to track and hunt down every infected cell no matter how many there are. You will be safe and feeling better in no time!

Our Process

ClearCyte’s process ensures that each robot will have the best design for its type, one that makes it comfortable and functional.

  1. Initial assignment
  2. Strategy Assessment
  3. Conceptualization
  4. Brainstorming
  5. Design Evaluation
  6. Prototype Discussion
  7. Final Design

By following this process, ClearCyte will always be able to create a safe robot that will be able to save and give back to millions.

Community Outreach – Watch our Video!

Watch our video on how we reached out to the community and taught them about how to stop the spread of viruses like COVID!

ClearCyte has reached out to the children in our community to teach and demonstrate to them the different ways COVID and other viruses can be spread. We explain safety precautions through a fun little animation and live action demonstrations.


  • MatLab – Helps for the best programming of the bot.
  • Solidworks – Helps make the bot look pretty and pleasing.

With access to these two software, ClearCyte will be sure to give you the best looking and functioning robot for attacking those nasty cells that have infected your body. It’s these programs plus the hard-working team members and their vigor that make for the BEST CyteSaver.


BEST Robotics
Provided the support and materials needed.
MatLab SimuLink
Provided the programming software for optimized control.
Provided the model for the finest design.