Concept to Product in 6 Weeks or Less…Guaranteed!

Team Demo is comprised on a group of young but inventive individuals whose designs have won multiple seasons of awards. We can take your engineering concept and turn it into a fully functioning design in 6 weeks!

An Award winning Team You Can Rely On

  • 1st Place Marketing Presentation 2019
  • 1st Place BEST Looking Robot 2018, 2019
  • 1st Place MathWorks Simulink 2018
  • 2nd Place Exhibit & Interviews 2017, 2019

See all of our past industry awards here.

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Our Team

  • Karen Leader, President
  • John Topper, Director of Engineering
  • Mike Cody, Software Design
  • DV Meter, Test Systems

Our Products

Able to scale tall buildings in a single bound!
Unbeatable speed with this rover!

Our Process

We follow a strict engineering design process that leaves no room for error. Our process is what makes us the most Reliable team in the industry.


We reached out the community to learn their needs and how we could better serve them. Learn more by reading our Community page.

Our middle school class as so impressed by the presentation Team Demo made that they wanted to start building their own robot the same day. Team Demo’s presentation went above and beyond what was expected.

Sally Y.

Product Design

The Robot 2020 was designed with the customer in mind. All components where designed by our team through the “Engineering Design Process”. Parts were cut and built in house. We used the latest SolidWorks 3D modeling software to visual the design before we began fabrication. Robot 2020 has been engineered to:

  • Pick up and relocate debris on the field
  • Connect to, move, and reattach powerlines to high and low voltage poles.
  • Work in area of high-danger autonomous.

Robot 2020 is constructed of high quality, durable:

  • Plywood
  • Sheet metal
  • PVC

The Robot 2020 design leaves nothing further to be expected. This unit has the ability to do the job of several works as well as work in very high danger area without putting lives at rick.

Jimmy P.

The Design Process

Team Demo follows a rigorous engineering design process for every robot concept to ensure quality to our client. We follow the following seven step below in our process. Click here to learn what each one means.

  • Ask
  • Research
  • Imagine
  • Plan
  • Create
  • Test
  • Improve

By following this process Team Demo can offer you a bug free robot every time!

Programming with MathWorks Simulink

Team Demo’s programming group prefers the advanced coding environment of MathWorks Simulink. It allows us quick prototyping of driver control and driver component manipulation. The team begins with pre-built modules to layout the initial robot control; including movement front and back as well as turning. They then implement complex logic to component control.

For example, when raising and lowering the claw, a deduction factor is multiplied by the input from the joystick to slow the motion and give the driver more accurate movement.

Without MathWork Simulink we would never have been able to get the claw movement precise enough to pick up the small rope power lines. The complex components allowed us to fine tune the movement

Student A


BEST Robotics

Provides engineering and construction support for the team.

MathWorks SimuLink

Provides programming software for control of the robot.


Provides 3D design software for developing our virtual twin.


Provides quick access to need reference materials.

Engineering & Marketing Team

Team Demo has chosen to divide our team into departments to service your needs better. The basic organization is below or click here to learn about each of our team members and the roles they serve.

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